• Thank You!

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    Many thanks to Alex Paris Contracting, Inc., the Chapman Corporation, the Greater Canonsburg Economic Development Committee and Mark West for their donations to our new Welding facility project. Your support is greatly appreciated!
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  • Computer-Based GED Testing

    by http://www.GEDcomputer.com
    WACTC now offers computer-based GED testing. With 24/7 online registration, self-paced testing, and immediate scoring, GED computer-based testing is the best way to take the GED. To find out more and to register go to www.GEDcomputer.com or click on the picture at right.
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  • Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards

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    WACTC now accepts all major credit cards for Adult Education tuition.
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  • LPN Training - 2 Locations!

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    We are now accepting applications for our Licensed Practical Nurse training program. The LPN program is now being offered in Canonsburg and Charleroi. Click on the picture at right to download an application.
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  • Machining

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    Machinists are in demand, and area employers are looking for qualified operators. WACTC has two training options for people who want to start a career or improve their skills. Contact us today at (724)746-2890.
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Notes From WACTC

  • Welcome to the New School Year

    Posted by Dr. Dennis J. McCarthy at 8/25/2014

    There have been many exciting things happening over the summer in preparation for the return of our students and the start of the
    2014-2015 school year.

    · Flags representing our nine sending schools line the driveway to welcome you to Western Area.

    · To showcase our school colors, the interior of the building has been painted gray and maroon.

    · The school store has been completely renovated and is now located in a central location. There will be a school-wide contest with a
    grand prize to the student who comes up with a clever name for this new attraction.

    · The new Welding facility is near completion. Students will have 34 booths to practice MIG, TIG and Stick Welding.

    · A few technologies have been moved to better located areas of the building.

    The entire staff and administration are planning for a great school year with many more exciting changes.

    Please plan a visit to our school to see firsthand the changes and improvements to Western Area.

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  • Summer Brings Change to Western Area CTC

    Posted by Dr. Dennis J. McCarthy at 7/14/2014

    Summer is now upon us and although we were all hoping for a warm and quiet summer, the Western Area CTC staff has only enjoyed the weather. We have been very busy making necessary changes to meet the needs of our region as well as getting ready for the return of our students.  

    One change concerns the Practical Nursing program. The start date of the program will be September 8, 2014 to allow time to redefine our curriculum and align academic standards to better prepare our students. If you are interested in our Practical Nursing program, contact us at 724-746-2890, Ext. 118. Hurry! The spaces are filling up quickly.

    Other changes have been more cosmetic:

    --The building has been given a fresh new look by painting the hallways gray and maroon, our school colors.

    --The new school store is near completion and will be ready for the students on their return.

    --The vending machines that normally filled the hallways at Western Area are gone.

    --And we are very excited that our Welding facility is about 80% completed.

    Visit us and let us know what you think of our changes.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer! We are waiting in anticipation for the return of students on August 25, 2014.


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  • Advisory Committee Meeting Is Well Attended

    Posted by Dr. Dennis J. McCarthy at 3/7/2014
         WACTC held its annual Advisory Committee Meeting/Dinner last night, March 6, and, as usual, our very supportive committee members turned out in full force!
          Hundreds of delicious appetizers were painstakingly prepared and plated by Chef Luke (Lysa Lukachyk) and sous chef, Mike Lafferty, and the Culinary Arts students. CA students manned and oversaw several appetizer stations consisting of colorful fruit baskets sprouting fruit pops (some drizzled with or dipped in milk chocolate,) scrumptious cheese and vegetable platters complete with home-made dips, sweets stations piled high with delectable cookies, cupcakes and petit fours as well as hot appetizer stations replete with a variety of mini quiches and wings, providing sustenance for all the attendees before they headed off to their respective committee meetings.
          Represented and chaired by the Instructor, each of the 15 shops and 3 academic classes met with their all-volunteer advisory committees whose members are made up of folks from the local community--business owners, parents, educators, administrators and board members from other schools and students who currently attend WACTC.
          I want to take this opportunity to thank all those committee members who give of their time and expertise at this annual event and at various other times throughout the school year. Your insights, suggestions and comments help us maintain a current and relevant curriculum compatible with today's workforce requirements and standards. The experience you have each acquired in your respective fields are an invaluable resource as we continually strive to provide the best possible technical and career education for our students.
          We look forward to continuing our relationship with you! 
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  • It's An Exciting Time In Career and Technical Education

    Posted by Dr. Dennis J. McCarthy at 2/21/2014
    Dr. McCarthy        Western Area Career & Technology Center maintains a vested interest in our community for continuing education.
         We provide training to meet the workforce needs of business and industry, and welcome the opportunity to assist in connecting our students and alumni to meet recruiting needs. The services we provide and the individuals we educate and train must have the skills that will enable new businesses to locate and thrive within our region.
         I am excited to be a part of such a vibrant time in career and technical education. We will strive to provide education at a reasonable cost for all students. Our goal is to train/retrain students for the marketplace where we live. 
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  • A Message From the New Director

    Posted by Dr. Dennis J. McCarthy at 8/5/2013

    Dr. McCarthy      We are living in exciting times in Career and Technical Education. For once in our rich history, the world’s eyes are upon us to see how we can train and educate students for tomorrow’s jobs. 

         Our region is growing rapidly. Western Area Career & Technology Center will keep up with this growth through industry partnerships and collaboration and the continual improvement of our staff, curriculum, and students. We will work alongside business and industry to train students to meet today’s workforce needs as well as the training needed for jobs that have not yet even been developed.  

         I know employers in the region will want our students after we have prepared them to work in their industries. We will be a model of excellence in the state by providing rigorous and relevant Career and Technical Education that is responsive to local and global workforce needs and providing access to industry certifications that will ensure our students every opportunity for success in their pursuit of college and careers.

         With our school values and common dreams, we are all here to make success happen because our students are our most precious and valuable asset.

         As the new Director of Western Area Career & Technology Center, I am excited to accept the challenges of this position. It will be a rewarding experience to follow our students as they excel and become the best-trained workers in our region.



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